Sogul Barakat born in 07/06/1988. She was born from an Iranian mother and a Yemeni father in Sweden. She has lived in Iran with her mother and sister Saghar since she was a teenager. But due to the rules of the Islamic Republic of Iran that an Iranian citizen must have an Iranian father or must be born in Iran, she doesn't have an Iranian identification card and she has to extend her inhabitancy by sealing her Swedish passport.1/12
Tattoos is very popular among Iranian youngsters these days.Soul has gone to the house of a tattoos worker to tattoo a picture of a gun on her hand.On one of her wrists there is a peace mark and a gun.She be lives that her character has this duality,half in search of peace and half a warrior. There is another girl in the mirror, she gone there to learn tattoos.2/12
Saghar is Sogul’s sister who has married an Iranian boy.She is recording her marriage officially in one marriage office.The nationality of every woman having a foreign nationality who has married an Iranian man ,is Iranian . Now Saghar can have an Iranian Identification card like other citizens. Sogul has put her head on her mother shoulder an is looking at her sister.3/12
Sogol is exercising on the roof of a tower in Tehran. Since she cannot exercise without wearing hijab outside, she has chosen the roof of her friend's house.4/12
.It has been 4years that Sogul has practiced kickboxing by all the problems she had due to not having Iranian Identification card,she has achieved the first rank.She is exercising in roof of her friend’s house because it is forbidden to practice with a male coach in gyms.5/12
Sogol loves makeup and usually spends a lot of time and money on it.6/12
Sogul has found an Iranian boyfriend recently.Mehdi and Sogul are preparing the dinner table for the guests coming to house.While sogul is preparing the party equipments,Mehdi embraces and kisses her.7/12
Sogol most of the time is alone .8/12
Sogul is in subway beside a girl with an Islamic Hijab.9/12
Sogol vacuum cleans the remainder of hair after cutting her hair.She says:"After having a haircut, I feel more energetic as if I throw out everything in my head and my energy is discharged.10/12
Sogol has passed through many paths and has an unclear future in front of her. However, she believes that: "Life goes on".12/12
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