I,Mona Hoobehfekr, am an Iranian photographer born in Tehran, Iran in 1986. I graduated from University of Art, Tehran in “Photography”. I was attracted to documentary photography
and photojournalism and in 2006, I started working at Iranian Studentsʼ News Agency (ISNA).
I have been covering significant official events/programs, some of the most outstanding ones are
top-rank diplomat trips, 2014 Asian Para Games and frequent trips to Vienna and Geneva to
cover the entire Iran & 5+1 Nuclear Negotiations.
My photos have been repeatedly nominated and awarded prizes in various festivals and contests
and I have participated in a few group exhibitions in Iran and abroad. I was chosen as the
“Young Talent (under 25 yrs.)” of the “Image of the Year” national festival for three subsequent
years and one of the exhibitions was held in a few foreign countries. Many of my photos also appear in international agencies like AP, AFP, Reuters, IPA, ….

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